Canberra Cherry Blossoms

Canberra Cherry Blossoms

Acrylic on Canvas 31 x 31cm

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In 2014 I went to Canberra to see the Floriade flower festival, one of the surprises was the multitude of cherry blossoms that lined the streets. This painting is one of theses blossoms using turquoise and gold paint as contrasts.

2 thoughts on “Canberra Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Lisa Cohen
     ·  Reply

    I love your cherry blossoms painting! We have a bunch of cherry blossom trees in our neighborhood that bloom each spring, which the whole family loves, so this painting is especially meaningful to me. There’s also a festival in Washington DC each spring to celebrate the trees. 😀

    • Naomi Barton
       ·  Reply

      Thanks for the comment. They are amazing trees and I’m hoping to visit Japan and see the cherry blossom festival there also.

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